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Incontinence underwear: unique, stylish and comfortable!

Are you looking for washable, leak-free, comfortable and stylish underwear for bladder leakage? Then look no further: not only do the Penosa incontinence briefs meet all these requirements, but there’s also plenty of choice!

We have a range of stylish models for both men and women, in a selection of colours such as black, white or grey. For the men, the underwear is finished with a comfortable elastic waist band, and for the women, with comfortable elastic, lace and/or a bow as detail. Whatever the occasion, you will find a model that meets your requirements.

Bladder leakage does not mean your underwear has to be boring; the Penosa incontinence briefs can easily be combined with a bra or vest of the same colour. Discover our stylish models and enjoy everything you do, without having to worry about whether your clothes will stay dry!


Penosa, comfortable design with a fit that is equivalent to regular underwear.

  • Lily (29 years old)

    I've been experiencing bladder leakage since the birth of my son a few years ago. It was pretty difficult to cope with at first, the worst thing is that it can happen at any time, when you're on your way somewhere or during social occasions......definitely not fun! After all, it's difficult to maintain your self-confidence and spontaneity when you suddenly realize that you've wet your trousers. All day long I would worry about where the toilets were in unfamiliar places, whether I had enough spare clothing with me, or whether other people could see my wet trousers or smell something unpleasant... Despite having just become a mother, my incontinence problem really cast a shadow over the joy of parenthood. My quality of life visibly deteriorated. I felt really ashamed and embarrassed, avoided other people as much as possible, and didn't dare to talk to anyone else about it. Until, by coincidence, I heard an acquaintance (who did dare to talk about her problem) talking full of praise about Penosa. I immediately bought a few pairs of Penosa briefs. Since then, I've been able to enjoy life again! I no longer have to worry when I go out, because I know that the Penosa underwear will make sure I my clothes stay completely dry. If only I had discovered Penosa sooner!

  • Jasper (32 years old)

    It all started without me really realizing it. The first few times I had an accident, I thought it was because I'd drunk too many pints the evening before. Then I thought that maybe the cold winter weather was the cause. I thought incontinence was something that only affected older men, and after all, I'm not old. But the problem didn't go away..... even when I hadn't been out the evening before and the weather wasn't cold. Ignoring the problem was becoming increasingly difficult, and I began to make excuses not to have to meet up with people. I stopped going to bars with friends, and avoided using the lift in case the other people in the lift would smell something..... The problem really dented my self-confidence and I denied myself a lot of social contact. I secretly started using my wife's sanitary pads, but they weren't really absorbent enough. My relationship with my wife also started to suffer, because I was increasingly closing myself off from her and was too ashamed to talk to her about my problem. When she suspected me of having an affair, I realized things couldn't go on like this and decided I had to share my secret with her. She was extremely understanding and told me about a friend of hers who used Penosa for bladder leakage and was really happy with the product.  It was such a relief when I had finally told my wife. That week she ordered a few pairs of Penosa boxer shorts for me. The Penosa boxer shorts feel just like regular underwear, and I no longer have to secretly use my wife's sanitary pads. It feels as if I have won the lottery, finally I can be myself again and enjoy social contact!

Enjoy a confident, secure feeling all day long.

Penosa is a product of D.G. Plastex B.V.

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