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Verlies jij ook wel eens ongewild urine
wanneer je iets optilt, bij het sporten
of tijdens een lachbui?

Els (26 years old)

The Penosa briefs are definitely up to the job of dealing with an accident 😉 They are attractive, fit really well, and I still feel sexy! I have two different models, Mariposa and Anisota. I wear Anisota when I’m exercising or playing sport. I couldn’t do without them.

  • Amber (33 years old)

    I'm so pleased that Penosa takes into account that young people, too, can be affected by incontinence. That's clear from the stylish design of their products: I no longer have to wear grandma knickers!

Penosa is a product of D.G. Plastex B.V.

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