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Penosa produces and sells underwear for people affected by bladder leakage. Years of research and development have resulted in our unique, comfortable and leak-free solution for urinary incontinence.

Our company is based in Baarle-Nassau, close to the border between Belgium and the Netherlands.


Questions or suggestions?

Innovation is a key element of the Penosa philosophy. Therefore, we attach great importance to your feedback and suggestions. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, we are keen to hear from you via:

Dry feeling

The innovative materials used in our underwear ensure a completely dry feeling, all day long.

  • Monique (49 years old)

    Until a short time ago, living with incontinence was an awful nightmare..... nappies at my age! Being able to get rid of those annoying pads was the thing I wanted most of all. Demand for a good incontinence product is huge: skin rash from the pads and similar problems were problems that I faced on a daily basis, until a fellow incontinence sufferer persuaded me to try Penosa. Now, my incontinence is the least of my concerns, and I get on with life again!

Penosa is a product of D.G. Plastex B.V.

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