Penosa for him and for her!
The comfortable solution
for bladder leakage.

Overview of all the benefits:

• High absorption capacity
The briefs can absorb up to 20 times their own weight.

• Leak-free
The unique patented design ensures totally leak-free underwear.

• Dry feeling
The innovative materials used guarantee a dry feeling all day long.

• Discreet
Because the Penosa briefs look like regular underwear, nobody will notice that you are wearing absorbent underwear.

• Comfortable design
Due to the fit, which is no different from regular underwear, optimum comfort is maintained throughout the day, even while exercising.

• Stylish
The stylish and fashionable Penosa briefs are available in different colours and models.

• Environmentally friendly
Penosa briefs are reusable, and therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads.

• Multifunctional
The Penosa briefs can also offer extra protection during menstruation.

Penosa briefs are washable and therefor cost-saving

The washable Penosa briefs are cost-saving, in comparison with existing disposable pads used with regular underwear.

Compared with the cost of disposable pads (€349.55 per year), Penosa can save you some € 139.90 each year!

Because the Penosa incontinence briefs are washable, you don’t need to maintain a huge stock, as you would with disposable pads.

This makes the reusable Penosa incontinence underwear more environmentally friendly and economical in the long term.

Washable and cost-saving

The washable Penosa briefs are cost-saving in comparison with existing disposable pads used with regular underwear.

  • Veronique (55 years old)

    My situation had become quite desperate: disposable pads gave me an itchy skin rash, and the washable incontinence underwear that I tried always started to leak. When I heard about Penosa, I was initially sceptical, as I had already tried so many incontinence briefs that didn't work as they were supposed to. People aren't interested in a product that doesn't, or doesn't completely, work! Eventually, I decided to go ahead and try the Penosa underwear, and I haven't looked back since! Finally, incontinence briefs that don't leak!

Enjoy a dry and comfortable feeling all day long, even while exercising.

Penosa is a product of D.G. Plastex B.V.

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